Extra Vote

Extra Vote's Rich Snippets

In the latest version of our ajax voting plugin for your Joomla articles , v 2.5.4, we are allowing you to add Google's Rich Snippets to your star ratings.

If you turn this feature ON, you will eventually have Google to display ratings in search results pages.

You need to have your article or product page properly tagged according to Google Structured Data. Basically, your Article or Product needs to have some Schema.org markup supporting the aggregateRating property.

For example, your page should have the following structure:

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How does Extra Vote work?

The very first time Extra Vote Plugin is runned in your site, it will create a new database table for your system to store those extra content ratings.

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Show/Hide in Particular Section

You can use your Menu Manager to specify whether to show or hide your articles rating feature for a particular section or category by selecting the right parameter as shown in the picture below.

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Enabling your Plugin

Once you have successfully installed plg_extravote, you will need to enable it in your custom Plugin Manager by searching Content - Extravote. If the default Content - Rating is published, don't forget to disable it too!

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