Dmod v 1.3: Hide certain fields from the parameters

Dmod Module ManagerDmod is an advanced tool for setting up your module demo pages. It dynamically pulls out the chosen module's parameters and displays the Options panel underneath the module itself, right in the front end of your Joomla! website.

You can even allow your visitor to apply changes to the actual module configuration.

Hidding fields in the Dmod ConfigurationNow, since version 1.3, you can select certain fields and/or fieldsets you might want to keep from showing among the other module options.

Once you have saved a dmod instance, you will see a multiple select option with a list of the module's fieldsets and fields for you to easily do so.

Please visit our demos page and pick any of the module listed in our component to see it in action.

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Jesús Vargas Garita

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