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Filtered News latest version provides the same method to customize your content layouts as our Global News 2. It consists of an HTML supported textarea where you can decide where and how to display every single element you need, using the following special codes:

  • FN_title: it calls the article's (linkable) title.
  • FN_image: renders the resizable first image found. You can choose "left" or "right" align from the params.
  • FN_date: the article's created or modified date, according to your preference.
  • FN_text: the shortened intro (& full) text.
  • FN_readmore: the custom "Read More..." link.
  • FN_comments: the also linkable comments information. It requieres you to specify the comments database table and the name of it's `article id` column. It has been tested only with !JommlaComment (#__comment, contentid) and JomComment (#__jomcomment, contentid).

Except for FN_image, all these elements come with no HTML tags so you can use your own, for example:

<div class="small">FN_date</div> <p>FN_text FN_readmore</p> <small>(FN_comments)</small>

If you have ever used the Match Meta Keywords option, you may have noticed that for some artiles there might be no "related items " to list, so the module will show only the title. To avoid this, you can use the new "advanced" parameter for an Alternate Title which will show only if the module is not empty, and of course, disable the default Module Title

See Demo

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