Recently Hit Articles Module

We are sharing another module to display news. Sometimes, for our own blog website we get curious about what articles are lately seen, that's why we have developed this little extension for Joomla 1.7 and higher which simply lists the most recently viewed articles, and keeps the possibility to show also how long ago they were hit.

The Recently Hit Module requires plg_recentlyhit plugin to actually work.

After downloading and installing it, make sure you go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager, find Content - Recently Hit and publish it.

Enable plugin

Now your system will start recording the last time your content articles are viewed and you will be ready to publish and enjoy our Recently Hit Module

You can download this free module by visiting Downloads -> Modules.

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Recently Hit Articles Module

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Jesús Vargas Garita

Jesús Vargas Garita

I have been developing extensions for Joomla! since the project's first version.

After creating them for personal or professional purposes, I am currently sharing these at Joomla Extensions Directory.