User Profile Plugin Today we are releasing plg_user_profile_authorlist, another extension for our Author List Component.

It is a User Plugin that actually extends Joomla's core Profile Pages adding the key fields from Author List.

Just download it, install and enable it, and then your User Profile form will show a new tab with the Author Options, just as in the image.

It will make it a lot easier for your authors to update their bios and images from the Front-End. If you don't have it already, just create a Menu Item selecting the type User -> Edit User Profile. Finally, you might want to set it to "Registered" or "Special" Access.

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Jesús Vargas Garita

Jesús Vargas Garita

I have been developing extensions for Joomla! since the project's first version. After creating them for personal or professional purposes, I am currently sharing these at Joomla Extensions Directory.