A component is a separate application. Every time a Joomla page loads, one component is called to render the main page body. They manage their own databases in order to provide a special functionality and most components have two parts: a site part and an administrator part.

Author List

This is a component to manage your content authors so your users can visit their own pages either in a blog or a sortable table (list) layout.
Once you have properly created your desired author instances (each attached to a specific user) in the backend, you can create different types of Author List menu items:

  • A list of your authors
  • An article list or blog layout from a specific author with or withour a "Select Author" drop down
  • 3. A general article list or blog from all your authors with the same optional author filter possibility

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Dmod Module Manager

Dmod builds a categorized listing of modules to be loaded in the mainbody along with some optional details, such as a description, version info, compatibility and parameters.

You can either have a category list or a single dmod layout menu item.

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