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User Profile Plugin

Today we are releasing plg_user_profile_authorlist, another extension for our Author List Component.

It is a User Plugin that actually extends Joomla's core Profile Pages adding the key fields from Author List.

Just download it, install and enable it, and then your User Profile form will show a new tab with the Author Options, just as in the image.

It will make it a lot easier for your authors to update their bios and images from the Front-End. If you don't have it already, just create a Menu Item selecting the type User -> Edit User Profile. Finally, you might want to set it to "Registered" or "Special" Access.

Resize images and create thumbs

By default, this new feature is disabled in the "Options" configuration panel.

If you would like to automatically resize all author images in order to keep a certain format in your Author view pages, then you need to turn the "Resize Author Images" option ON. You will find it in the new "Images" configuration tab.

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Grouping authors into different User Groups

Since version 1.3.1 and for Joomla 3.+ only, you can separate your Authors into different groups in order to have a menu item for each specific group. We take advantage of Joomla's User Group Manager feature that allows us to create as many options as we want. This is how you should proceed:

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Features && Options

The essential part of Author List is the Component, which is installed from the com_authorlist package. Once installed, it will allow you to create each author instance you need, based on your existing users. At this point you will be ready to create a new menu item to point your visitor to a list of your authors or a particular author's page.

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Authorlist with Google Authorship

Authorlist Google+Authorlist new version, com_authorlist (V 1.3.0) and plg_authorlist_content (V 1.2.0), bring the posibility to link your authors to their Google+ profile and have their names and pictures appear in searches results.

Google Authorship is how search engines know that a certain person published an article and it helps readers discover their other content on the web.

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Author List - Edit from the frontend

Since Version 1.2, Our Author List component offers the capability for your authors to edit their information from the frontend. Once logged in, if an author goes to his page, he will now see the "Edit" icon which will take him to a form view where he can easily update his details.

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Change Log

For Joomla 3.+ only


Category filter option on author views


Multi language support.

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