Authorlist with Google Authorship

Authorlist Google+Authorlist new version, com_authorlist (V 1.3.0) and plg_authorlist_content (V 1.2.0), bring the posibility to link your authors to their Google+ profile and have their names and pictures appear in searches results.

Google Authorship is how search engines know that a certain person published an article and it helps readers discover their other content on the web.

In order to be authenticaded, a web contributor needs the following:

Google Requirements

  • A Google+ profile and a profile photo with a recognizable headshot.
  • A byline containing his name on each page of his content. That name must match the one on his profile.
  • A reciprocal link back from his profile to the website(s) like this: under the "About" tab in his profile, editing the Contributor To section, clicking on "Add custom link", and then entering the website URL.

Website's Requirements

  • Upgrading to the latest AuthorList Component and Content Plugin
  • Filling in the Google+ URL field with the link to his profile in the "Edit Author" page.
  • Keeping the "Enable Google+" parameter positive in the "Integration" Tab from the Options screen.
  • Enabling our Plugin and allowing the "About the Author" Options to display the link to Google+ on every article.

In order to verify that the markup has been implemented correctly, you can use Google's Structured Data Testing Tool

The "About the Author" leyend and info displayed at the bottom of each article is a new feature of our content plugin. You can customize it's layout by editing plugins/content/authorlist/tmpl/default.php, or even better, copying it to templates/yourTemplate/html/plg_authorlist/default.php and editing it from there. This way you won't loose your changes if you ever need to update the plugin

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