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The essential part of Author List is the Component, which is installed from the com_authorlist package. Once installed, it will allow you to create each author instance you need, based on your existing users. At this point you will be ready to create a new menu item to point your visitor to a list of your authors or a particular author's page.

Author List Manager

The next extensions we provide are optional:

The Content plugin (plg_authorlist_content) is a very usefull extension that will link your authors names to their pages whenever they are displayed by Joomla's Content Component, and it also offers the capability to display your authors bios or descriptions at the end of each individual article's page.

Our User plugin (plg_authorlist_user) makes it possible for Joomla to automatically create a new author instance for every new user registration. Remember that both plugins need to be enabled in your Extensions -> Plugin Manager after installation.

Finally, the Module (mod_authorlist) renders a linking list of your active authors wherever you publish it.

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