Resize images and create thumbs

By default, this new feature is disabled in the "Options" configuration panel.

If you would like to automatically resize all author images in order to keep a certain format in your Author view pages, then you need to turn the "Resize Author Images" option ON. You will find it in the new "Images" configuration tab.

As long as you keep the "Create Thumbs" one OFF, our Content Plugin will show the same image in the "About the Author" block as in the author's view page. Just turn this option ON and choose your desired size in order to have a different image show in the article view layout.

This feature is available since our new Author List version 1.3.2.

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Jesús Vargas Garita

Jesús Vargas Garita

I have been developing extensions for Joomla! since the project's first version.

After creating them for personal or professional purposes, I am currently sharing these at Joomla Extensions Directory.